ALGS prefabricated structural light gauge steel framing panels systems avails its clients many benefits to lower holding and operating cost while increasing the Project’s value, investment CAP rate and ROI :

  • Speed to Market(generate revenue sooner through the reduction in the construction schedule by a minimum of 2 weeks per level savings)
  • Height Advantage (increase projects’ density up to 11 stories without resorting to more expensive structural systems such as Concrete or Structural Steel)
  • Insurance Reduction (because ALGS system is noncombustible, there is a reduction in the course of construction and long-term insurance by as much as 75% savings)
  • Fire Resistance (in addition to being noncombustible, ALGS system doesn’t provide the fuel to the fire in addition to reducing the fire rating and fire sprinkler requirements)
  • Better Seismic Performance (ALGS system provide a lighter, safer, reliable and ductile structures which has great historical performance in earthquakes)
  • Eliminates Termite (ALGS system is not organic and doesn’t provide a food source for termite)
  • Sustainable (ALGS uses recycled steel which is one of the most sustainable building materials in the world.
  • Lower Structural Weight (ALGS structures require less material (both reduced weight and reduced volume) to carry the same loads as concrete or masonry or wood structures.
  • Better Finishes (ALGS system is dimensionally stable: it will not warp, split, or creep – making it durable and built to last. Minimize cracking and pops in drywall and other finishes with CFS framing.
  • Longevity(ALGS system is durable, safe, and strong. It is not susceptible to rot, termites, or mold. Steel used for ALGS framing will last from hundreds to over a thousand years due to its zinc coating, a natural element)

Speed to Market

HEIGHT ADVANTAGES (ALGS is structurally designed for up to 11 story)