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Our Systems

Discover the future of construction with Advanced Building Systems (ABS), a California-based company specializing in cutting-edge Structural Light Gauge Steel Framing Panels and Volumetric Modules. Our alternative to traditional wood framing integrates light gauge steel with our proprietary Computer-Aided-Design (CAD) software technology, offering a comprehensive solution to elevate your projects.

At ABS, we manufacture a complete line of prefabricated structural light gauge steel framing panels and Volumetric Modules. Our unique process leverages advanced technology-driven manufacturing to design, manufacture, and prefabricate light gauge steel framing panels and roof trusses. Benefit from efficient framing systems that are proven to be safer, cost-effective, and reduce framing schedules by an impressive 50%, requiring only a third of the field labor force. Unlike typical wood framing, ABS’ Prefab LGS is non-combustible, stronger, lighter, environmentally friendly, and recyclable. Say goodbye to the worries of mold, rodent, or pest infestation.

Moreover, the ABS system is engineered to serve as a structural system for buildings up to 11 stories high, providing clients the opportunity to increase density at a highly competitive cost.

Our Services

ABS offers a diverse product line to cater to your construction needs:

  1. Walls
  2. Floor Joists
  3. Trusses
  4. Volumetric Modules

Client-Driven Approach

At ABS, we are committed to being a client-driven business. Our dedication goes beyond efficiency in manufacturing; we prioritize your benefits in our research and development, ensuring the delivery of the most advanced framing system available. With this mission, ABS is poised to establish itself as an industry leader, revolutionizing the construction landscape.

Choose ABS for forward-thinking solutions that redefine the possibilities of construction. Build with confidence, build with Advanced Building Systems!

Meet the Team

Advanced Building Systems' team is dedicated to utilize all its over 20 years prefab experience to provide your project with the most efficient offsite solution to your upcoming project.

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Alex Youssef

Founder & CEO

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Juan Urbina

Director of Operation


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Ruben Garcia

Director of Design/Production

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