Through ABS BIM modeling and prefabrication semi-automated process, Architects are assured that their intended design is translated in meticulous details directly to the field without the reliance on the field framers interpretation of the working drawings. All in addition to the attentions to the quality control that can only be achieved through ABS manufacturing procedures. Also by simplifying the panel production and field installation ensure the highest quality and straighter finishes without creating walls that have uneven surfaces due to applied multiple layers of flat straps and gussets.  Additionally, by designing a rigid diaphragm flooring system, engineers are able to shift the shear requirement to the central core as it is typical in concrete high-rise buildings. This process eliminates the need for shear walls at the exterior of the building and allows for increase in the glazing percentage of the skin which adds to architectural endless design possibilities.

Architectural Specifications

USG Design Studio Architectural Specifications